Albany Accounting Would Like to Be Your Trustworthy Accounting Firm.

For individual or business needs, our extensive range of accounting and financial services goes beyond routine accounting.  We offer sound financial consulting, sales tax assistance and so much more.  Let us be your trusted advisor for accounting practices and help with your growth and future.

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The Albany Accounting Services:

Corporate & Personal Tax

Tax is at our core.  If Tax were like the Culinary Arts, let’s just say we’d “Beat Bobby Flay”.  Our CPAs are specialists in tax, each holding Masters Degrees in Taxation.  Our team of professionals is dedicated to navigating the complex and evolving terrain of federal and state income tax matters.

CFO & Accounting

From building an accounting and financial system from scratch, to managing and repairing existing systems, we work hand in hand with businesses and their leaders to resolve the daily tasks of accounting, project management, and the RFP process.

Sales Tax

We are here to help! From product and service companies to complex multi-state organizations, we can captain your business’s ship through the treacherous sales tax waters.

Payroll & HR

You’re employees are just as important as you’re loyal customers. Our Payroll & Human Resource solutions make sense - dollars and cents to be exact. Keep track of your employees’ time without spending much of your own.

Deal Advisory

Buying or selling a business is a complex process that can seem daunting. From finding interested parties, valuing the deal, structuring the transaction from both a legal and tax perceptive, to obtaining financing and the actual closing, we will help you navigate each step.

Audit, Review, & Assurance

Evolving regulation, competition, and reporting, alongside the need to enhance trust in financial reporting and capital markets has been shaping the assurance landscape at light speed. The nature of the audit, review, and assurance services continues to evolve alongside these changes.

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    • April 15, 2019
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    • April 15, 2019
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